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Mattress cleaning in the Netherlands, for a clean sleep

Demonstration Cleaning

Firstly, DokterBed starts by checking the mattress to see if there are any dust mites present. After that, a local demonstration cleaning is processed, the results of this cleaning are used to show to which extend the mattress has been contaminated. This demonstration cleaning is done in about 20 seconds. DokterBed calls this a ‘’black cloth demonstration’’, because the black cloth is temporarily used as a filter in this process. Having the black cloth as a background makes it very easy for us to show our customers what’s in their mattress and what lives in their bed, before we start the actual cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

The mattress will then be deeply and thoroughly cleaned. During the cleaning process, the cleaning system beats the mattress which ensures that all of the dust mites and their feces are loosened. Meanwhile, the system also extracts everything out of the mattress and this is collected in special filters.
The cleaning progress results in a clean and hygienic mattress, within approximately fifteen minutes.

Specially developed machine

DokterBed uses a series of specially designed cleaning systems while cleaning a mattress, these systems are equipped with UV-C units. These UV-C lamps make sure that all bacteria, fungi and dust mites are killed in the process. In this way the mattress will be disinfected on every possible side. This UV-C treatment makes sure that you will be able to sleep on a clean mattress again and is unique in the Netherlands, because DokterBed uses the most powerful UV-C unit available. With our cleaning systems, the UV radiation power can go up to 400 watts, whilst other competing products
provide a maximum power of 16 watts. As a result, we are able to clean the mattress faster and more effectively.

Stain removal

As an additional service, customers also have the possibility to have any stains on their mattress removed. Due to the fact that different kinds of stains need different approaches, DokterBed will always check with the customer to decide whether the stain removal progress can be applied after the cleaning of the mattress.
If the customer agrees to operate the stain removal process, a drying period , which will take up about one or two days, should be taken into account before the mattress can be used again, in order to assure that all of the moisture is vaporized. The amount of time the drying will take up depends on the humidity and the air circulation. Considering the specialties and requirements you need to clean a mattress properly we do not recommend anyone to try it their selves.

We wish you a clean sleep!

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